Walls & Steps

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Small garden walls can be used to add interest to your garden and to create distinct areas. We can construct different styles of walls using a variety of materials, for example, wooden sleepers are a great way of constructing raised beds, retaining walls, adding a new dimension to your garden and even creating extra seating.

Walls & Steps

A retaining garden wall is often the only way of making a garden accessible, and holding the garden back to create a patio area, and most of these retaining walls will require steps to walk onto the garden or to walk down from the garden onto the patio.

Whether you want a curved wall, retaining wall or a boundary wall we have the expertise to achieve stunning results. Our craftsman are experienced and professional which means works will be completed in time and with minimum disruption.

  • Our professional Garden Wall service ensures your wall requirements are met and exceeded. Allstone Paving & Resin offer many different styles of wall construction giving you a unique look which will help to complement existing or new landscape aspects in your garden.
  • A garden wall can add height and structure to what would essentially be a rather bland outdoor space. Whether you need a garden wall at the front or rear of your property.
  • One of the hidden benefits of having a retaining wall on the property comes when you are getting ready to sell. If someone is considering buying a home, and they see that you have already gone through the work of adding the wall, it will be something that they don’t have to do. If you have kept up with the landscaping and the upkeep of the backyard, this could become a selling point for the property.
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